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6 Hot Wedding Trends for 2016

August 9, 2016

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Just like technology, fashion, and just about everything else, wedding culture is constantly changing. Traditional, all-white weddings are no longer every little girl’s fantasy. Instead, couples are wanting something unique to themselves- a wedding that showcases who they are as individuals and as life partners. From questionable to “OMG!”, we’ve put together a list of the hottest wedding trends we’re noticing this year.


Destination weddings. Sneaking away to a tropical island with your immediate family members and a few close friends has been the wedding course of action of some for many years, but this year it’s become especially popular. Many couples look at huge, extravagant weddings as being impersonal or impractical, so they’re opting to get away and hold a small, intimate ceremony on a beach, mountain, etc.

Mismatched bridesmaids. Traditionally, brides have chosen one dress that all her bridesmaids wear uniformly in her wedding. This year, however, more brides are choosing a certain color scheme instead of one specific style and allowing their bridesmaids to wear a dress of their choosing. The two biggest complaints that come from bridesmaids are that one, the dress the bride has chosen doesn’t look good on their bodies, and two, they’ll never wear it again. Allowing a bridesmaid to purchase a dress of her choosing allows her to find something that flatters the shape of her body and wear it again in the future!

Flower crowns. It’s no surprise that as flower crowns have made their way into mainstream fashion, they’ve also become a popular accessory for brides. Flower crowns have roots in Greek, Victorian, and even 1960’s hippie culture and have traditionally symbolized love, fertility, and celebration. It seems they’ve become so popular in recent weddings because they add a vintage, yet modern touch and are easy to personalize to each individual bride.

​​Wedding websites. It’s 2016, folks. We spend a third of our days surfing the web or scrolling through social media, so it only makes sense that more and more couples are creating their own personal websites dedicated to their big day. Couples are hiring web developers to create custom websites with unique URLs, personalized photos, registries, and more information about their wedding. A custom wedding website is a cool, interactive way to give your guests access to the information they need, but can also add another hefty expensive to your wedding bill.

​​Boho color schemes. Blush pinks, pale blues, and soft neutrals seem to be the colors of the year when it comes to weddings. No longer must everything be pristine white. Distressed wooden and metal accessories, pastel florals, and rustic DIY decor are on the rise to accommodate trendy, rustic weddings.

​​Snapchat geofiltersEarly this year, Snapchat released a feature that allows users to create their own geofilters for special occasions. Couples are creating custom graphics that can be added to the snapchats of anyone within a certain range of their wedding to create a fun and personal experience for guests. The price of geotag filter depends on its location and duration, but can often be produced relatively inexpensively for the average wedding.geofilters.


Whether you’re planning a wedding that will be traditional, trendy, or somewhere in between , Sartor Hamann has the engagement ring to fit your personal style. Remember, the perfect wedding begins with the perfect ring!