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The Ultimate Watch-Buying Guide

June 6, 2016

man driving car in city with nice watch on his wrist


Whether it’s a Father’s Day gift, something you’ve been saving up for, or a just-because purchase, a watch is a key element in every man’s wardrobe. For some men, watches are purely functional, but for others, they’re an indication of style, professionalism, and confidence. At Sartor Hamann, we specialize in fine, luxury watches that exude style and class while also performing at the highest of technology standards. Not sure what kind of watch is right for you or your hubby? Check out these things to consider when selecting a watch.


Are you looking for one or multiple watches?

Some men purchase several watches over time to add stylistic variety while others intend to buy just one that they will wear on a day-to-day basis. If you’re planning on owning just one watch, it’s important to select one that is neutral and can be worn in both casual and formal situations. If you don’t have a watch collection or don’t plan on starting one, a watch with a plain, metal band is usually recommended.


What about a leather strap?

If you don’t prefer the look of a metal band or you're wanting to add diversity to your watch selection, consider a watch with a leather strap. In many cases, a leather strap appears more comfortable and approachable than a flashy metal band, while still appearing suave and sophisticated. Leather vs. metal largely depends on your own personal style, but regardless of which you choose, remember that a leather strap must match with other leather accessories (shoes, belts) and a metal band must stay consistent with other metal items (belt buckle, cuff links, etc.)


Dial and case style

The dial of the watch is the round, visible face on which the hands move. The case is the metal that encloses both the dial and the mechanism behind it. Most fine watch cases are metal (silver, gold, black, or white usually). Dials range widely in color, but it’s best to choose black or white if you’re searching for an all-purpose watch. Watches with less traditional colors like red or blue can be great statement pieces, but are worn best in a casual setting.


How big should my watch be and how should it fit?

Like blazers and dress pants, fit is everything when it comes to watches. As a rule of thumb, a watch fits when the lugs (the arms that extend to hold the strap) hit the edges of your wrist and the case doesn’t dig into either the back of your hand or your wrist bones. As far as the size of the watch’s face, larger dials and cases tend to look better on men with thicker wrists. If your wrist is slimmer, don’t think that buying a huge watch will automatically make you appear more masculine or refined. A watch that is too large will actually make your wrist look even slimmer, and you’ll probably just look silly if your watch is loosely sliding up and down your arm.


Buying a fine watch is a process and many considerations need to be made before making a purchase. Shop through our extensive watch selection, consult with our experts, and make the right decision with Sartor Hamann!