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Winter Wedding Dos and Don'ts

November 22, 2016

Couple getting married in snowy winter landscape


Winter is almost here! While spring and summer weddings are more traditional, winter weddings offer several different benefits that make them just as special. Weddings, in general, are beginning to stray from tradition and couples are personalizing them to their specific personalities more than ever before. So if you like the winter season or are just wanting to do something a little different, why not plan a winter wedding? Planning a winter wedding is a bit different than planning a spring or summer wedding, however, so here’s a list of Dos and Donts to make your big day as perfect and memorable as it can be!


DO remember the season when picking dresses. You may fall in love with styles that are strapless, short, or otherwise meant for warmer weather when choosing both your gown and your bridesmaid dresses, but remember that it will be cold. (Really cold for those of us here in Nebraska). You don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable, especially if you’re taking pictures outdoors, so go with appropriate fabrics and lengths or include jackets in the attire.


DON’T shy away from color. Many people feel they have to go with whites, grays, and icy blues as a color scheme for a winter wedding, but realize that this has been done many times. A winter wedding is unique in itself, so why not experiment with bright, bold colors as you would during any other time of year? Whites and blues are classically beautiful for winter weddings, but don’t feel limited to them if they’re not what you want.


DO be gracious to your guests. Don’t get us wrong, we love winter weddings, but sometimes cold temperatures and severe weather can be a hassle for your guests. Show them you appreciate them coming with extra special wedding favors. Using winter or holiday-themed goodies like hot cocoa, tree ornaments, etc. is a creative and festive way to say thanks!


DON’T let things overheat. It can be tempting to crank the heat up at the reception to make sure everyone is warm, but it can become excessively hot as guests begin to dance and move around. Have a place for everyone to hang their coats and keep an eye on the temperature. If you notice the groomsmen breaking a sweat, find the thermostat and kick it down a few notches.


DO space your honeymoon apart from holidays. Winter is the perfect time to plan a Caribbean honeymoon, but know that if you plan to depart around the time of a major holiday, prices will likely increase. Consider booking your honeymoon for at least a week out from any major winter holiday to save some serious cash.


DO plan a winter wedding! Winter weddings have all the potential to be the beautiful, unique ceremony you’ve always dreamed of. And the best part? You can score some major discounts on many vendors because most couples choose to get married during the spring and summer. Use the money you save on a venue, photography, and everything else and put it towards an extravagant honeymoon (or even just your savings fund). Remember, perfect weddings begin with perfect rings. Find yours at Sartor Hamann!