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Traveling With Jewelry: Part 2

October 18, 2016

A suitcase packed full of items for a vacation


In our last blog, we went over some tips and tricks for packing jewelry for a vacation. Now that you’ve decided what pieces you want to bring, how can you pack it in your suitcase so it stays organized, clean, and tangle-free? Check out these (mostly) DIY hacks for packing jewelry safely!

  • Travel jewelry case. If you travel frequently it would be wise to invest in a jewelry box specifically designed for travel. A travel jewelry case will have compartments made of protective materials that will keep pieces organized and safe from scratches and tangling. Travel jewelry cases don’t need to be pricey, but will vary in price based on designer, style, quality, etc.

  • Straws. Slip one end of a necklace through a drinking straw and then clasp it to the other end. The plastic will keep the necklace in place and prevent it from getting tangled in other necklaces or suitcase items. For larger necklaces, a toilet paper roll can be used instead.

  • Index cards/disposable plates. Use index cards or disposable plates to keep earrings organized while traveling or even to store them at home. Use a safety pin to poke holes through the card or plate, insert earrings through the holes, and seal them in place with the earring backs. Wrap a cloth around the card or plate or store it in a ziploc bag to keep it protected.

  • Daily pill box. A 7-day daily pill case is perfect for storing exceptionally small pieces like earrings and rings. Store one item (or pair of earrings) per slot, and viola! Your jewelry is organized, protected, and kept all in one place.

  • Pouch. For low maintenance jewelry, a soft pouch can be used for storage while you’re traveling. These will offer basic protection and can be found at many jewelry/department stores or made by hand with a soft cloth material.

  • Plastic bags. Store individual jewelry items in small ziploc bags, and then place those bags into a larger bag. If your pieces are small, using even sandwich-sized bags may be too large and become an unorganized mess. Check your local craft store for the mini ziploc bags that inexpensive or toy jewelry often comes in.

  • Stay away from cotton. Some people opt to wrap cotton balls or cotton padding around pieces of fine jewelry as cushioning. We strongly advise against this, as the cotton will get stuck in prongs and leave you with a furry ring or necklace.


Remember that traveling should be fun and low-stress. Use these tips to store your pieces safely so you can focus on what’s important, not on worrying about your jewelry. For everything else engagement ring and fine jewelry, visit the experts at Sartor Hamann at any of our locations!