continental buying groupContinental Buying Group

Sartor Hamann is a proud member of the Continental Buying Group (CBG) which is the largest, most prestigious independent jewelry buying organization in the country.  CBG membership consists of over 100 of the nation’s top independent jewelers with over 250 retail jewelry locations.  All members are highly respected, well established, and have impeccable credit with many fruitful years in the jewelry industry.  

The group buying power of CBG members makes it possible for Sartor Hamann to buy the highest quality inventory at amazing prices that we can then pass on to our loyal customers.


Jewelers Board Of TradeJewelers Board of Trade

The Jewelers Board of Trade is the only organization dedicated solely to providing credit reporting, collections and marketing services to the jewelry industry. Our database of over 70,000 jewelry industry-related businesses provides JBT members with the latest information to support their credit decision processes. While our focus has historically been on the North American market, we're broadening our scope to establish a more global database and services offering for the international jewelry community.


American Gem SocietyAmerican Gem Society

When you work with members of the American Gem Society, you’re working with knowledgeable and credentialed experts in gems and jewelry who adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards. Only 5% of jewelers, designers, appraisers, and suppliers nationwide have met the exacting standards for membership in the American Gem Society, and all titleholders must be re-certified annually! Shop with the best — a jewelry expert and member of the American Gem Society.



Gemological Institute Of AmericaGemological Institute of America

Gemological Institute of America – Established in 1931, GIA is the world’s largest and most respected nonprofit institute of gemological research and learning. Conceived 75 years ago in the grand tradition of Europe’s most respected institutes, GIA discovers (through GIA Research), imparts (through GIA Education), and applies (through the GIA Laboratory and GIA Instruments) gemological knowledge to ensure the public trust in gems and jewelry.


Jewelers Of AmericaJewelers of America

More than a century ago, in 1906, Jewelers of America was founded by jewelers for jewelers, with a desire to advance the professionalism and ethics of the jewelry industry. Today, we continue that mission and Jewelers of America members stand as the most trustworthy, informed and professional jewelry businesses within United States.

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