Anna A., Accredited Jewelry Professional, GIA

Anna A., Accredited Jewelry Professional, GIA
Sales Consultant
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I am so delighted to have been a part of Lincoln's iconic family-owned jewelry store, Sartor Hamann, for the last 20 years.  I love how respected Sartor Hamann is in the community and how involved this amazing business is in helping make the world a better place.  Not only do we create wonderful custom designs and high quality jewelry for lifetime memories, the Hamann family is also deeply involved in supporting many local charities and non-profits.  Lincoln's Symphony Orchestra, Peoples City Mission, Make-a-Wish, United Way, American Cancer Society, the list goes on and on.

I also love how through the years of being a long-time employee of Sartor Hamann, I have gained some amazing friendships that started as customers and became more like family.  Watching the joy in a customer's eyes as a custom creation is unveiled, is unprecedented.

In my spare time, I enjoy being an active part of the Lincoln Arts community as a long time art teacher and positive speaker.  Sartor Hamann has been wonderful in supporting my creativity in joint ventures such as the "Starry Night" Holiday trees to benefit Peoples City Mission each year.  My family, husband, four kids and all our friends love Sartor Hamann's quality jewelry and over the top customer service.  We wouldn't shop anywhere else!