Gino N.

Gino N.
Sales Consultant
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Hello I'm Gino.  I've been in the jewelry industry for 33 years designing and marketing fine jewelry and hig-end watches.  I've enjoyed working for Sartor Hamann Jewelers for the last 13 years and have great respect for their customers who appreciate the higher quality jewelry than what the chain stores offer.  I have managed jewelry stores in the past and know how hard it is to keep such a fine reputation.  I love working with clients designing jewelry for which there will be a story to go with it.  I've designed jewelry for clients such as the Willa Cather Foundation and recently an Eclipse design where I took 1st place in the Nebraska/South Dakota (NESD) design contest.

Outside the store, I live on a little farm SW of Lincoln which is so peaceful and serene.  Out there, my closest neighbors are animals in the wild.  I like to make inventions like an automatic lawn mower, solar powered entrace to my place and a firewood-drying processor.  I also enjoy playing piano with a group in Cortland.  We play country and old timey gospel music.  I love being the sound man and running video at my church. (We post every service on YouTube.)  I also have my private pilot's license and enjoy flying the Cessna 172 aircraft.

Come in and we'll make a story with your jewelry!