Jason L., Accredited Jewelry Professional, GIA

Jason L., Accredited Jewelry Professional, GIA
Sales Consultant
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I may be new to the jewelry industry, but I’m not at all new to the value of excellent customer service and compassion for others. As a former career firefighter and retired member of the military, the importance of integrity, loyalty, and service-before-self has been ingrained in me.

What I love about being part of the Sartor Hamann family is the opportunity to help our customers, the pleasure of getting to know them, hear their stories, and be part of something as personal as jewelry 

I truly believe that the cost of jewelry isn't what makes it valuable. It's the thought that goes into it, the emotions involved, and what it symbolizes. That's worth much more than the price tag.

Jewelry can tell a story, and each piece can have its own. We all have a story to tell, and I'd love the opportunity to hear yours.