Keyara T.

Keyara T.
Sales Consultant
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Hello, my name is Keyara and I am so happy to be stepping into this amazing career as a full-time sales professional at Sartor Hamann! Being new to the team, I am excited to be learning about the gorgeous diamonds, colored stones, and incredible jewelry that we carry.  I've always had a passion for customer service and I genuinely love working with people one on one, up close and in person.  My many years of experience in the customer service, hospitality, and human services industries enable me to build a rapport of trust and confidence with my customers.  My end goal is to help them to feel safe, comfortable, and confident with their experience at Sartor Hamann. To sum everything up, I just love helping people!

Outside of my career, I am a mother with an amazing son who keeps me on my toes.  He is a sweet, caring soul who likes outdoor adventures and especially loves heroic action figures!  We enjoy painting and drawing together too.  On my own time, I feel relaxed listening to music and singing.  I hope to join a choir soon and dedicate more of my time to my musical talents.

I would love to help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry for your special someone, so please come on in and let me help you!