Diamond Shapes

Round Brilliant

The round brilliant is the most popular diamond shape because it is known for its exceptional brilliance and sparkle. Carefully modified and refined for over 100 years to maximize its fire and brilliance, it has proven the test of time as a classic. More than three quarters of engagement rings feature the round brilliant and it continues to be the perfect choice for any design.


The oval shape diamond speaks to the classic woman but offers a bit of glamour as well. This cut produces similar fire and brilliance to a round diamond, but creates the illusion of a larger size. Ovals are elegant, distinctive and ideal for a ring that accentuates long, slender fingers.


The princess cut is similar in sparkle and brilliance to the round, but in a square shape. It is the second most popular shape because of its distinctive contemporary look with the flexibility to work in almost any style of ring. This shape is particularly popular for engagement rings and wedding bands and is sometimes referred to as the square brilliant.


The cushion shape is a square cut diamond with rounded edges which gives it a softer, more romantic feel than its cousin, the Princess. This shape is derived from the old mine cut and has been refined over hundreds of years. The timeless shape of the cushion is a beautiful choice for any setting style.


The pear shape offers a distinctive look with a rounded edge tapering to a point at the opposite end. This graceful shape will create an elegance that flatters the fingers and showcases the sparkle of the diamond. Like its cousin, the Oval, it will appear larger and is especially beautiful when flanked with smaller accent stones.


The emerald cut diamond was originally designed to highlight the qualities of emeralds. It is treasured for its elegant shape with its long facets and layered corners that can resemble stairs. This cut highlights the diamond’s luster, clarity and color and requires a diamond of very high quality.


The marquise shape is eye-catching with its elongated shape and pointed ends. This cut has a larger surface area than any other shape and maximizes the perceived size of the diamond. The slender shape makes fingers look elegant and glamorous and lends a unique flair in any type of setting.


The radiant cut is the perfect combination of an emerald cut diamond with the fire and sparkle of a round brilliant cut. This stylish shape offers the ideal brilliance and high-end look. Due to its design, this cut requires more carat weight in the depth to maximize its brilliance. The radiant cut is very durable because its shape is less prone to chipping or catching.


The most romantic of shapes, the heart is a thoughtful and beautiful symbol of love. With its two symmetrical shimmering halves, it offers a distinctive look and is very popular in solitaire pendants and rings.