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Justin And Sydney

About seven years ago now, I got really into biking. Really, a little too much into biking. I went on rides, and started going to spin classes. Lots. Of. Spin. Classes. So much so, that I thought it would be a good idea to become an instructor. I got an interview lined up at a local studio, and the conversation was going great until… A little cutie with blonde hair that seemed to work there sat down next to me during the thick of my interview and exclaimed, “Someone smells NICE over here.” The rest of the interview was fine, but I kept thinking about the cutie who sat next to me. I went home and quickly Facebook stalked the heck out of her. In fact, her first words to me were something like, “That didn’t take long!” We talked for quite a while that night, and we’ve been talking literally every day since. I know what I like when I see it. She knows what she likes when she smells it.
Sydney always talked about being engaged on a mountain top. Well, good luck having it be a surprise when out of nowhere I suggest, “Hey babe, let’s drive eight hours to this mountain range!”. It just wouldn’t work, and I wanted it to be a surprise. The weekend before we were engaged Sydney said, “Why don’t we use our James Arthur Vineyard gift card this weekend?”. I thought, “That will be perfect! She just planned her own engagement! Mission Engage!” Now, Sydney stalks me on my phone's GPS almost as hard as I Facebook stalked her when we first met. On the Tuesday night before our weekend plans, I picked up the ring from the store and went to her parent’s house and ask for her hand. I shut off my phone during the drive so she couldn’t follow me. The process took under an hour because I knew I was on the clock! I got home only a few minutes past normal, but Sydney was waiting. “Where have you been, your GPS wasn’t on?” “Oh sorry, I had a work call run over. Odd, my GPS is on now” I said. :) 
Fast forward to the engagement day - we drove to out to the vineyard. Near the entrance there’s a pretty big hill with a scenic overlook. Sydney’s mountain! My hopeful substitute at least. When we got to top near the little gazebo I planned to propose by, there was a group of 5 SUPER DRUNK girls already there. Scratch that plan! I had to gracefully escort us about 100 yards to the left of them. The view at the top of the hill was really great with a slight breeze and a warm sun. I got down on one knee and proposed. I spoke magnificent words about our love and relationship. Words that Sydney and I don’t remember with all the adrenaline and emotions. I do remember crying, hugs, kisses, and a lot of staring at the ring in disbelief. The drunk girls had also seen us, and quickly realized they had foiled my plan by being obnoxious. Thankfully they decided to scram and we got to have our moment in the gazebo for a while after all. A perfect ending to a perfect engagement.

Sartor Hamann was my first and only choice for the ring. They made everything so simple. Since I purchased they’ve been so helpful getting our wedding bands and cleaning our rings for our big day.

Justin And Sydney1

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