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Elijah And Emma

Elijah and I are high school sweethearts, and our story started back as little kids in elementary. We had liked each other on and off since the second grade and I remember telling my mom about this “boy” that I liked in my class. We would email back and forth during the night and occasionally sit by each other during lunch. It was as serious as any relationship could be in elementary and junior high. Going into high school, we were able to hang out more with friends and really get to know each other. Sophomore year, he asked me to homecoming and we attended every school function together after that. Fast forward 5 years and now we are engaged!
There is a place called Wilderness Park where Elijah and I often walk the trails whether it’s a snow day or a nice day, it has just been our “go to” spot. Our plan was to go to Wilderness Ridge for dinner and watch his dad play with a local band there. On our way he told me he wanted to show me this new trail that we haven’t seen and I was just thinking it would be this short walk, we would be in and out. After about 8 minutes of walking I was ready to turn around but he insisted that we went on and I was a little suspicious but was clueless it would end in a proposal. Finally, we came across a bridge and a secret photographer popped out of the bush and he knelt down and popped the question and the surprises didn’t stop there. We went to go “back to our cars” and in a big open field all our friends and family were there to celebrate us. It was such a romantic night that I won’t ever forget.

Sartor Hamann has been so great to work with!! Elijah said buying the ring was so easy and so stress free. He had no idea he could pick one out so quickly. I had told him that I wanted round and he took that and ran with it and he couldn’t have done a better job thanks to the staff at SH. When I needed my ring sized, they did it so quickly and kept in contact with me the entire time about when it would be done. I would recommend them to everyone who is looking for a place to buy any type of jewelry, but especially a ring.

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