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Brent And Preston

While Brent was attending UNL and I was going to school at UNK, we were asked by mutual friends to go to the Nebraska vs. Wisconsin game in Madison, Wisconsin. Although we had never met, we quickly got to know each other and seemed to hit it off. Brent and I were asked multiple times over the course of the weekend how long we had been together. This was where we would awkwardly respond that we had just met “yesterday”. So, our connection must have been obvious to more than just us that weekend. 

At the time, Brent was still living in Lincoln and I had moved to Kansas City for grad school. Brent asked me to go to his hometown one weekend I was back in Nebraska so we could spend some time with his family. He took me to church, and then after, he drove me to a rustic bridge he used to play on as a kid. He walked me part way across the bridge and told me all the sweet things a girl loves to hear. Then, he asked me the most special question, which I obviously said “yes” to. Following our engagement, he had all of our closest friends and family gathered together to help us celebrate. 

Brent and I had gone ring shopping quite a few times prior to our engagement; however, no store was as helpful or friendly as Sartor Hamann. We felt comforted in knowing that we were getting a quality diamond for a fair price. All of the staff at Sartor Hamann have been so wonderful to work with, even to this day. We stop in frequently to have my ring cleaned and to chat. We were even able to have my grandmother and great grandmother’s wedding bands cleaned prior to our wedding. We would recommend Sartor Hamann to anyone!

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