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Grand Island's New Digs

October 16, 2013


Sartor Hamann continues long service at new location
By Robert Pore


For more than 38 years, Sartor Hamann Jewelry has had a presence in Grand Island and a reputation for fine jewelry, watches and diamonds. It was also one of the original tenants at the Conestoga Mall when it was built in the 1970s.Sartor Hamann has left the mall for a new location just to the north at 3337 State St. Suite B, next to the U.S. military recruiting complex.

The store will officially open on Monday with a grand opening planned for the future.

General Manager Rick Hamann said that, with the move, they hope to continue their service to the community for years to come.
But Sartor Hamann came close to leavingGrand Island, Hamann said. Hamann said they were informed in December by the mall's owners that their lease had not been renewed and they had 30 days to close the store.

It was 10 days before Christmas, which is our busiest time of the year, "Hamann said. "There was no warning whatsoever that it was going to happen." They were on a month-to-month lease.

"We were not looking to move, but for whatever reason, they decided they wanted us to move out, "Hamann said.
Hamann said they considered leaving the Grand Island market altogether after losing their Conestoga Mall lease.

"We had no intention of formerly leaving Grand Island as Grand Island has always been great to us ,"he said. "We almost look at Grand Island today as really a boom town. The more we thought about it and talked about it, we didn't want to leave.

An opportunity presented itself that allowed Sartor Hamann to remain in Grand Island and grow its business, he said. The store is now located where a previous jewelry business had been.

"The owners were very accommodating, and they really wanted us to take a look, "Hamann said. "We did, and we made the decision to move in there."

Sartor Hamann was out of the mall by the end of January, but Hamann said they had to remodel their new location, which they
completed last week in time for the new store to open.

"It really looks fabulous now,"he said. 

Along with redecorating and painting, Hamann said, the store had a set of beautiful display cases that were made by a local artisan. "They are absolutely beautiful cases, "he said.

Another key to their decision to stay inGrand Island was Jason Feidler, a nationally recognized master jeweler, who has been employed atGrand Island's Sartor Hamann for years.

"He makes lot of custom pieces and has won many awards and is very well known in the area of jewelry design, "Hamann said. "We have customers all over the area just because of Jason. We didn't want to stop that relationship with him. Plus, we wanted to continue to serve this area."

Sartor Hamann is a family business whose roots go back to 1905, when Ernest Sartor founded the first store in Lincoln. In 1955, Bill Hamann partnered with Sartor. Sartor retired and sold the company to the Hamann family.

Don Hamann joined the company in 1957 and is now owner and chief executive officer of the company, which has locations in Lincoln, Grand Island and Fort Collins, Colo. His son, Rick Hamann, joined the company in 1981 and is general manager.

During most of Sartor Hamann's presence in Grand Island, Ben Murphy, who is now retired, managed of the store. He is now an active volunteer in the community.

"We were fortunate to have him,"Hamann said of Murphy. Hamann is optimistic about the store's new location.
"Personally, I think we are going to have more business in the new location,"he said. "It is more of a destination, and it is going to have some really nice things in there."

Hamann said the store will have a coffee bar and will have a special viewing area where customers can watch the jeweler at work.
"I think it is going to be a really nice atmosphere for people,"he said. "It is not what you would find in a traditional mall. 

It is really going to be a nice place to come to see the best jewelry inCentral Nebraska as we specialize in the very best."

What sets Sartor Hamann apart from the competition, Hamann said, "is we can do about any custom work that someone needs from a ring to a pendent to small projects to big projects because, when you have someone as talented as Jason, the sky is the limit. We can do anything anyone wants, and the quality is second to none as you won't find anything better anywhere."

Hamann said they also carry a full line of the best high-end, quality jewelry and merchandize, which is not a "typical mall quality."
"Better diamonds, better mountings, much better color stones, better cut and better quality,"he said. "It is where you come for the good stuff, whether it is an engagement ring or a wedding band, pendants, earrings and all that type of stuff."
Jessica Brumley is the store manager. "We have an excellent staff, knowledgeable people who are going to help the customer make the right decision,"Hamann said.

Store hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays. The store's website is