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Diamond Shapes 101

June 20, 2016

diagrams of different diamond shapes


Shopping for an engagement ring can be difficult, to say the least. Things like carat, color, and clarity all play a role in the design and function of a ring, but the shape of the diamond is the best place to begin. In this blog, we’ll explore the most popular diamond shapes and how they may or may not align with your or your bride’s individual preferences.



The round cut diamond is the most popular shape− about 75% of all wedding rings sold are round diamonds. Due to their shape, round diamonds generally reflect more light than other shapes, maximizing brightness. Because of this, round diamonds tend to be a little more pricey than others.



The princess cut diamond is the second most popular in terms of engagement rings. Princess cut diamonds have a four-sided pyramid shape and will camouflage any imperfections in the stone.



Oval diamonds are a good choice for those who like the traditional look of a round diamond, but with a unique twist. Oval diamonds produce two illusions often sought after: the elongated shape can make the stone appear larger than it actually is and make the wearer’s finger appear longer and slimmer.



Marquise diamonds are football shaped and have one of the largest crown surface areas of any shape. Like oval diamonds, marquise diamonds often appear larger than they really are and are flattering on all hand shapes and sizes.



Pear-shaped diamonds are a combination of the round and marquise shapes, with a tapered point at one end. Pear-shaped diamonds are especially complementary to small hands and offer more elegance than some other shapes.



Cushion cut diamonds are one of the oldest styles of engagement rings. These diamonds are a rectangular or square shape with rounded edges and are perfect for brides who seek a vintage or antique style. Cushion cut diamonds do especially well with everyday wear, as the rounded edges are not prone to chipping or catching on clothes or hair.



Emerald cut diamonds are shallow, rectangular stones with long, slender facets. The facets produce a hall-of-mirrors effect, sometimes creating very bright flashes when light is reflected. Emerald cuts look best on long, slender fingers and are often more affordable than other types of diamonds.



The asscher cut diamond was popular in the early 20th century but have recently made a big comeback. These are similar to emerald cut diamonds, but are octagonal in shape and reflect light in a way that gives them a “bottomless” effect. Asscher cut diamonds are extremely unique and demand the eye’s attention.



The radiant cut diamond is a square shape that can offer the brilliance of a round diamond. The radiant cut is versatile in that it looks fantastic in any size and in various settings. This cut is known to hide flaws in the diamond itself, including blemishes and color tints.



Heart shaped diamonds begin as a pear cut and are then constructed to look like the unmistakable symbol of love. Heart shaped diamonds are both timeless and unique and are available in a variety of styles.


The perfect ring begins with the perfect shape. Allow the experts at Sartor Hamann to guide you through shape and all the other engagement ring characteristics to make the rock on your finger just as special as the rock in your life!